Best Sites to Buy/Sell/Rent Your Property

Are looking for the best site to buy/sell/rent your property? Here is the list of some popular sites on the internet which can provide the best value for your money….

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How can you use Google Drive without Gmail?

Are you using any other mail services like Yahoo, Rediffmail, etc, other than Gmail? Yes! Still, you can access Google drive or other Google Products! Google makes it so simple….

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online payment

4 Things to remember before making online payments

We do online payments for ticket booking, bill payments, purchasing products and items. But most of them are not aware of the risks associated with it. One may avoid the…

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WhatsApp update

WhatsApp’s new ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature let you delete the sent messages

WhatsApp has rolled out a new ‘Delete for Everyone’  feature which allows the users to delete the sent messages. WhatsApp has become a popular message sharing platform which consists of over…

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8 Amazing Facts About WhatsApp!!

As a WhatsApp users, we all can recognize WhatsApp as an essential app than any other app. It hard to find an Android phone without WhatsApp. Hence it becomes much…

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How to Get Your Small Business on Google Map?

Are you running small businesses?  Like, Coffee shop Bakery Hotel Tuition centre Ice cream shop Provision store Fast food shop, etc, Do you ever think that how nice it will…

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No website? Now Create Your Business Website For Free With ‘Google My Business’

More than 60% of the small businesses are without any official website. Building a website can be complex, expensive and time-consuming for many of the Small business owners. To reduce…

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How to get a shortened URL?

Making a shortened form of the words become as a fashion in recent days, as it is more convenient to convey & to understand. In the same way, long web…

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No more instant search results on Google!

Google launched “Google instant” in 2010, which shows the instant search results as you type the query. This means a lot to slow typists and technically literates. Also, the idea…

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